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Android Projects

Here you can find some of our Apps we developed.


CountryRide is an Android App , which helps to make a track through forests&meadows and also it calculates distance!

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It's simple. Beat your score!

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SMS Volume Increase Free

SMS Volume Increase Free is now available to download on Google Play! It's app which helps you find your mobile by your ringtone or someone can increase ringtone volume on your mobile by SMS.

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SMS Volume Increase Pro

Same app as free version but with included new tools.SMS Volume Increase Pro is now available to download on Google Play for 1,67 EUR

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Device Battery Saver

Stop overcharge your battery!&Save Battery life! Get it on Google Play!

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Student Crib for Wear

Student Crib for Wear is an Android Application which can be used with Android SmartWatches to cheat on any test!

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Orava Flappy

Orava Flappy is a 2D Game inspired by Flappy Bird!

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Lost Mobile Location

Lost Mobile Location is our first Google Play available Android Application! You can use it to locate your mobile.

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